It Burns When I Pee Episode #26 – “”

Just when you thought it was safe to listen to country music podcasts It Burns When I Pee comes back around to put the fear in ya! Episode #26 has Norma Jean and Blake discussing online dating, coming up with new terms for oral sex, and making a few phone calls including one to Blake’s mom.  For Pete’s sake leave that poor woman alone!

The crew also  interview with the talented singer/songwriter Kara Clark and be playing a couple of her songs along with songs from Highlonesome, Robbie Fulks, David Allan Coe, Misery Jackel, and a song from Wayne “The Train” Hancock’s new album Viper of Melody.

Norma Jean will even read some fan feedback…SOBER!

It Burns When I Pee – “Carnies Are A Girls Best Friend”

The only real country music podcast, It Burns When I Pee, brings in 2009 the only way they know how…great music, funny skits and questionable moral standards. Episode 23 “Carnies Are A Girls Best Friend,” features an interview with Bob Wayne of Bob Wayne and The Outlaw Carnies and includes music from all three of his albums. Blake and Norma Jean discuss Creepy Guy’s fantasy football Super Bowl Championship, how Norma Jean likes her Christmas present, and the IBWIP trip to Champaign IL to see Split Lip Rayfield.

During the live feed they try to get listeners to donate to the show so Norma Jean would take her top off but it was a no go (sorry Norma Jean!), so Blake dropped his pants. I think the money would have rolled in if they asked for donations to keep Blakes pants on!

Go listen to IBWIP and get yer 2009 Hank on!

It Burns When I Pee Live Stream (heh!) Tonight

  • It Burns When I Pee, the only podcast covering the cutting edge and proud tradition of country music, will be streaming their show live tonight (7:30pm CST) and showing us how the sausage is made. And yes, that is a lewd comment directed towards Norma Jean. The final gussied up and edited edition will be available  on Jan 23rd which will feature an interview and music by Bob Wayne.
  • George Clinton, leader of the psychedelic funk music collective Parliament Funkadelic, is one of the celebrities participating in this season ofCMT’s  Gone Country 3.  Says Clinton: “I wanted to do Gone Country because I wanted to learn how to write country songs. I’ve written a lot of songs before, but I’ve never been validated as country, not even to myself. I’m country. I am a country boy. Johnny Cash, I like his songwriting. I used to watch Roy Clark and all them all the time — Chet Atkins and all those guys are really good songwriters. The lyrics for country songs are miles and miles ahead of almost anybody else’s lyrics. I guess everybody would agree there’s no comparison to it. I’m pretty sure I’ve got to do something that’s pretty challenging. I try not to imagine what it is, so when it happens I’ll just say I don’t have no time to do nothing but get off my ass and do it. I’m funky about doing whatever it takes.” I might have to actually watch it this season in spite of the homophobic midget host John Rich.
  • Mercury Nashville is set to release an LP version of Jamey Johnson‘s Grammy nominated album That Lonesome Song on January 27.  Since That Lonesome Song was released, it has spent 8 weeks in the Top 10 on Billboard’s Top Country Albums Chart and has appeared on numerous 2008 Top-10 lists (including mine.)
  • Ryan Adams has announced a musical hiatus citing health issues and “narcissistic over-indulgent behaviour” as the reason. Really!? Who knew? In all seriousness, I hope Adams finds peace of mind in his reprieve.  (
  • Shooter Jennings talks about to NPR World Cafe host David Dye about Waylon Forever, a collection of songs Shooter recorded with his dad Waylon Jennings in 1995. Shooter then revisited the material with his backing band, The .357s.
  • Joe Whyte is back with his band at the Rockwood on inauguration Tuesday. Aang great show will be had by all: Rockwood Music Hall
    196 Allen St., NYC – 8pm – FREE
  • New York blues guitarist Popa Chubby is readying his foray into country music entitled Vicious Country. The release features his wife Galea on bass. Below is a video shot at New York’s Rodeo Bar of Popa Chubby covering Hank Williams III‘s song Straight to Hell.


It Burns When I Pee “Have Yourself A Very Burning Christmas”

Episode #22 of It Burns When I Pee, the only podcast for covering genuine 100 proof country music,  is a naughty little release ready to stuff in your stocking.

Featuring the pin-up beautiful and talented Little Lisa Dixie Blake, Norma Jean and Creepy Guy burns the yule by playing tasty cuts from Eric Kinsey & His Tip Top Daddies, Nine Pound Hammer, Zane Campbell, and Mr. Chill & The Witnesses.

IBWIP  are also bringing back my favorite segment,  Norma Jean Watches Porn. They are replacing Earlene’s Sexy Time Advice segment with the new Creepy Advice segment.  What kind of show would it be without a IBWIP skit? In this episode the skit is titled, “IBWIP Meets Santa At The Mall”. Finally, the crew break out the presents and have the first ever IBWIP Gift Exchange.  IBWIP is better than that nasty sweater from your Aunt Edna!

Johnny Cash Folsom Prison Show Legacy Edition – 10/14

  • Christmas is not too far away, and the perfect gift for your Country Music aficionado (ah hem) is the Johnny Cash Folsom Prison Show Deluxe Box Set. This Legacy Edition will feature a 2CD/1 DVD will feature the entire two Cash 1968 concerts from the California prison, totaling in 31 previously-unreleased tracks, including songs like “Blue Suede Shoes,” “I’m Here to Get My Baby Out of Jail,” “This Ole House” and even more duets with his wife June Carter Cash. The DVD contains footage from the shows, plus interviews with Merle Haggard, Roseanne Cash and inmates who witnessed Cash’s Folsom concerts. Also featured are liner notes penned by both Cash biographer Michael Streissguth, Steve Earle and Cash himself, which he wrote in 1999. Out October 14th via Columbia/Legacy.
  • The Prophets of Country Doom Those Poor Bastards new release “Satan Is Watching” will be available (fittingly) on October 31st. on CD and Vinyl.
  • Get over to ebay and buy up all the It Burns When I Pee goodies! Norma Jean’s panties aren’t going to be up there forever people!
  • And lastly a little video from the Americana Music Conference:

Glen Campbell – Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)


It Burns When I Pee Episode 18 – Twang Aint Just A Guy Thang

You like girls? You like Country Music? Well sure you do…hell you got a pulse don’t you?!

The always incorrigible Blake Clayton at the REAL country podcast “It Burns When I Pee” features Episode 18 – “Twang Aint Just A Guy Thang” and features some talented (and beautiful) ladies that are out there putting their own THANG in TWANG.

Rachel Brooke is the featured interview. She’s got an amazing voice and a style all her own. There is also featured music from Star Anna, Elizabeth Cook, Carmen Lee, and Little Lisa Dixie.

It wouldn’t be an episode of IBWIP without another great, morally questionable comedy skit. Because of the state of our litigious culture they can’t mention the title of the skit, but it doesn’t stop the brilliant legal minds at IBWIP from doing it anyway.

There is a great giveaway featuring a Rachel Brooke Giveaway Pack and the cast talks about it’s up coming road trip to Cincinnati, OH. for the Metal Farm Magazine Release Party.

Oh and by the way, the official “It Burns When I Pee” web site is up and running (still looking for those Norma Jean nudie pics)…the Net will never be the same! Go show Blake some love and get his podcast and buy a damn shirt or two.

It Burns When I Pee Episode 17 – Even God Needs The Devil

Image by Keith Neltner

While working on their spiritual and format rebirth, It Burns When I Pee Episode 17 now offers new cast members, and an all around more righteous path to country music salvation. Featuring an interview with Jayke Orvis, from The .357 String Band and some cuts from their new album Fire & Hail. This episode also unleashes their new co-host Ryan “Creepy Guy” Hamm.

Blake and Ryan also talk about the Tim McGraw concert fight video, Norma Jean watch’s Two Girls and One Cup for the first time, and we play IBWIP Jeopardy. There is another famous IBWIP Giveaway’s, this time giving away an awesome T-shirt and Hank Cash CD. Jared Morningstar provides an album review of Justin Townes Earl’s new album, The Good Life.

But most importantly IBWIP graces us with jewels country music that Nashville’s conveyor belt of pop-country crap would’nt touch with a ten foot pole. There are songs from Adam Lee and The Dead Horse Sound Company, Justin Townes Earl, Plunkett, The .357 String Band, and Old Crow Medicine Show.

It Burns When I Pee Episode #15

Has it been a year already? BWIP turns calibrates their one-year anniversary with an interview with Wayne Gottstine from Split Lip Rayfield great music from Split Lip Rayfield, The Sluggos, and Scroat Belly (all with our special guest Wayne Gottstine). We also have music from Justin Towns Earle, The Honky Tonk Hustlas, and Missy Gossip and The Secret Keepers and a special dedication final song.

Illustration by Christoph Mueller

Warning – Episode 14 of It Burns When I Pee

It’s that time again friends, when decent folks flee to the hills and the rowdys take over town drinking,  firing their pistols in the air and bringing the finest real country podcast on the planet.

Episode 14 of It Burns When I Pee features an in-studeo interview with Dave Sisson of The Gin Palace Jesters and Three Blue Teardrops, hear some tasty tunes from The Steeldrivers, The Devil’s Own, The Misery Jackels, and Carmen Lee, and get raunchy with more Hee-Haw meets Jerry Springer-style comedy.

Go get IBWIP and lord help us all.


It Burns When I Pee : Episode #13 – “Titties and Country Music”

Just when your eyes have started to glaze over with all the talk about Elliot Spitzer being the biggest dumb-ass on the planet or if Hillary and Obama aught to just be put into the steel-cage death-match of democracy, It Burns When I Pee has released Episode #13 the “Titties and Country Music” release.

Blake had the good sense to take my advice and got Doyle Mayfield from The Doyle and Debbie Show on to tell tales about his childhood and life performing with his “3rd Debbie.”

There is also a feature on CMT’s  My Big Redneck Wedding and choice cuts from fine artists like The Pine Box Boys, Malcolm Hocombe, Gerry Stanek, and last but not least Roscoe Fletcher. So get over to IBWIP find out what real country music is all about and get yer Hank on!!!