5 Off the Top – Thanksgiving Edition

A great song is like a turducken, layers of goodness and mystery built to baffle as well as satisfy. …or something. Here are some rib-sticking selection for this day of thanks. A big THANK YOU to the men and women in uniform.

Kris Kristofferson – The Pilgrim Chapter 33


Patterson Hood  (Drive-By Truckers) – The Thanksgiving Filter – Acoustic


Mark Jungers and The Whistling Mules – We Talk


Johnny Cash – Thanksgiving Prayer


Todd Snider – Beer Run (’cause every Thanksgiving needs beer!)


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  1. Here’s another one to add to your collection. This one’s just a few weeks old.

    Thanksgiving in Turkey
    Dr BLT and Greg Pisano
    words and music by Dr Bruce L Thiessen,
    aka Dr BLT copyright 2010
    Lloyd McGarity used to reside in Bakersfield. But it wasn’t until he moved to Alabama that I met him online and he began to cover my material, and to co-write other songs with me.

    I was inspired to write this song by Homer Joy, my good friend who is on a waiting list for his second heart transplant, and the Homer Joy-penned classic, STREETS OF BAKERSFIELD that Buck Owens and Dwight Owens took to the top of the charts and won a Grammy with.

    Bakersfield-sound-grounded Alabama singer/songwriter was inspired to record a cover version of my song. Then, once St. Luis producer/one-man-band, Gary LaDuke, aka GL heard it, he was inspired to remix it, making it radio-friendly and dance-floor friendly as well.

    The question is, will this song inspire you, and do you think it has what it takes to climb the charts?

    I’m Dr. BLT. You’re playing Triple T. I supply the TOPIC and the TUNE. You provide the TALK. After listening to the sample, let me know what you think? Will this become a Kern County Christmas classic? If yes, why? If not, why? I eagerly await your feedback in the comments section, favorable or not, as long as it’s constructive. Let me know if I can quote you on facebook as well.

    It Never Snows (on the Streets of Bakersfield)

    Lloyd McGarity

    words and music by Bruce L Thiessen, aka Dr BLT

    copyright 2010


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