Willie Nelson Arrested for Marijuana Possession

In case you didn’t already hear, The Texas Yoda, or Willie Nelson as he is known to the rest of the world, was arrested for marijuana possession after his tour bus was stopped at the border checkpoint in Sierra Blanca, Texas while taking a short-cut from California to Austin, Texas. Six ounces of the demon weed was found on the bus and was sent to the county jail, where he later posted bail.  The bad news is that 6 ounces could get Willie 6 months minimum and 2 years max.

Okay,  lets start with the most obvious. Searching Willie Nelson for marijuana is like searching Taylor Swift for tear-stained journals, fish in a barrel.

Now I know it will surprise some to discover that Texas isn’t the most progressive state in the nation. But for all it’s idiocy (secession anyone?) Texas’ weakness is also its strength – namely State pride and a staunch defense of our citizens. There is no person more symbolic of the best of Texas than Willie Nelson. He is the closest thing the state has to a world diplomat. No matter how someone feels about Texas they love Willie.

So give Willie diplomatic immunity for weed. The man is in his late 70s, I’m sure he has something that would result in him getting prescription if he took time away from entertaining tens-of-thousands of people around the world a year to get check out. Second, the border is explosive and marijuana is a large reason why. Tons of it transported over the border with Mexico every year and where there’s that kind of money there are people willing to kill to protect territory and American access.

Willie’s arrest is a lesson for Texas to use to do the right thing.Take care of Willie and show the Nation you have your eye to the future – legalize weed, undercut the criminals terrorizing the border, free up law enforcement to pursue real crime. Besides the tax Texas gets from legalization can be used it to keep Cliff Lee with the Rangers.


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