Miranda Lambert In The New York Times

The New York Times has a cool write-up on Miranda Lambert. Lambert talks about the influences for her new album – “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” – gives credit to Gretchen Wilson for opening the career door for her and is compared to some mighty company:

Ms. Lambert, 23, cites the usual outlaw influences — Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard — as well as the well-regarded singer-songwriters Steve Earle, Buddy Miller, Jerry Jeff Walker and Guy Clark. In essence, Ms. Lambert is an alt-country singer operating covertly in the mainstream. “Dwight Yoakam, the Dixie Chicks — I think there’s a way to be really cool and mainstream, too,” she said.

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  1. Love the site. Nice chatting /meeting you. Keep up the great work.
    Live near Hanks if you’re ever out this way.
    All the best. See soon.

  2. hey – just found your little corner of the internet – great stuff, an alt-country, insurgent country (ok, everytime i hear this term all I can picture is Jay Ferrar and Ryan Adams about to ambush the Kenny Chesney tourbus) Americana fan stuck her in Florida

  3. Thanks to all for the nice words.

    kieran, it was nice to meet you as well. Bar 9 is one of my favorite watering holes in the hood. I love Hnaks (saw the screaming Yahoos there before heading to the Hank III show last fall) but it is a bit out of the way.

    al – Keep checking in. I have some work on the site coming up to tighten it up and make it a little search engine friendly. And of couse I will continue harshing those oh so deserving.

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