Twang Nation 8th Anniversary Contest – Johnny Cash, Lone Justice , Gram Parsons

Twang Nation 8th Birthday

I know, I know. I don’t look a day over six. But it’s true! Your generally humble roots music blog, Twang Nation, turns 8 this month.

Where does the time go?

I started this on a lark. Cultural, geographical and psychological displacement of this Texan in New York City led me here. I gravitated toward the most stable ground that had always been there for me, music.

The great roots music I began to discover I wanted to share with a wider audience. And I wanted them share their findings with me. 8 years and three timezones later I’d say it’s going pretty well. I’m still chugging along, looking under rocks and atop branches to find and share great music.

And that’s saying something. In the midst of one of the worst times to become a musician there’s so music of it around, and more every coming across my desk(top) every day. I’m sure things were worse during the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl, and yet much of the music that I treasure was produced in those troubled times.

Maybe that’s the things about music. Even at it’s thematic darkest musics very presence is a sign of human optimism. Why else bother?

And these days optimism, and music, abounds. There’s more music than ever being produced in human history. Technology has allowed access to performance and strategy tools as a musician, and access and discovery for fans, than ever before. I hope I have contributed in some small way to your musical discovery. And with roots music awareness, Grammy categories and regularly appearances in TV shows and movies, the movement is showing to signs of slowing down.

And Twang Nation will be right in the middle of it. Bringing you the best in new and classic performers and live performances that remind us all that live music, made by fallible humans, can be intoxicating.

And believe me, the best is yet to come.

Keep up with us here on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and tumblr and come along for the journey. As we all know the road goes on forever….

As a thank you, Twang Nation is giving away a prize pack of three great slabs of vinyl for your listening pleasure.

Johnny Cash album 'Out Among the Stars'

First up is the recent release of Johnny Cash lost and previously unreleased material, “Out Among The Stars,” on Vinyl. This is a far cry from the Columbia Records produced Cash and producer Billy Sherrill. The results are classic cash with a contemporary roost twist with help from John Carter Cash, Marty Stuart and Buddy Miller.

Lone Justice

Nest up is the Lone Justice reissue from Omnivore Recordings, “This Is Lone Justice: The Vaught Tapes, 1983.” This album captures the raw talent of this pioneering band at their peak, touring L.A. punk clubs and taking no prisoners. Did I mention that this great album is on translucent red vinyl?!

Gram Parsons - Alternate Takes from GP and Grievous Angel

And the best for last the Record Store Day Rhino records exclusive release of Gram Parsons’ Alternate Takes from GP and Grievous Angel. tHIS 2LP vinyl release IS audio sourced from “The Complete Reprise Sessions” released in 2005. Contains a postcard insert at the request of Gram’s daughter, Polly Parsons, for the Hickory Wind Ranch Recovery Community. Foil numbering.

Just leave a comment below to be entered for all three albums. Birthday salutations or a band you might have found out about from me would be cool.

Now the boring stuff: The winner needs to be located in the United States and will be picked at random, Sunday, July 27th, 12PM CST.

45 Replies to “Twang Nation 8th Anniversary Contest – Johnny Cash, Lone Justice , Gram Parsons”

  1. Good Lord I want this. Happy Birthday Twang Nation. Check out Maggie Koerner. She’s gonna be huge.

  2. Happy Birthday TwangNation! You have turned me onto a lot of musicians over the years. Look forward to seeing you at the Americana Fest again this year. Keep up the great work!

  3. Happy birthday! Not only have you turned me on to a whole slew of musicians, you have given me extra info on the ones I was already turned onto 🙂 Here’s to many more years of carrying the torch of good music

  4. Happy birthday! And thanks for what you’re doing– the info, the community, etc.

  5. Happy Birthday – I like the old stuff u dig up on you tube – the advanced notice of concerts – and your weekly picks for Khyi have been spot on.

  6. HAPPY 8th Birthday! Love the Blog & turning me onto alotta bands old & new! Bring back the Podcast! miss that dearly! Peace & blessing on the future! Chris

  7. Happy Birthday and thanks for all the great postings. 1st listens at my house for Sturgill Simpson, and St Paul and the Broken Bones and probably a few more. One of the few FB follows that never fails to pique my interest. Thanks again!

  8. Happy Birthday Twang Nation! Cheers to all of the first listens, loved artist heads up and record store day intel you’ve given us all!

  9. Happy Birthday Twang Nation!!
    I’m always amazed at how current you stay up on your information & how hard you work to get incredible artists their much deserved attention…it is not an easy job!
    You even take the time to support the little guys like me & I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.
    Congratulations on 8 years!

  10. From Sturgil to the Howlin’ Brothers, you haven’t steered us wrong – happy birthday, and here’s to many more!

  11. Baron,
    Happy Birthday to TwangNation!
    You’ve turned me on to a lot of great music, including Nora Jane Struthers and the Party Line. We host house concerts in Westchester and had Nora Jane perform earlier this year – it was one of our best shows!

  12. Pretty new to TNation, but sure appreciate all yer #”artist name” badass and heads up *insert locale here* posts and tweets.

  13. Happy Birthday….. Thank you for all you do to keep the twang fire burnin. Here’s to many more!

  14. Happy Birthday! Twang Nation is definitely one of my favorite guilty pleasures .. Keep on truckin!

  15. Happy Birthday! How about you make it down this way soon to see Texas Jamm Band at River Road Icehouse!

  16. Really enjoy your site and tweets. You’ve reminded me of music I hadn’t thought of for a while or suggested music is never heard of and LOVE so many times. Thanks for what you do!

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