New Compilation Unheard Hank Williams Songs To Be To Be Released posts that a compilation of unheard Hank Williams songs will be released on October 4th. The songs come from a rescued from notebooks of  lyrics and song ideas  left behind in a leather briefcase by Williams after he died in 1953 at the age of 29. These notes and fragments were then finished by the 13 artists who contributed to the disc. These artists include Americana music and rock music greats – Bob Dylan (who’s  imprint Egyptian Records is putting out the album)  Levon Helm, Alan Jackson, Lucinda Williams, Merle Haggard and, and this is where my concern arises, Jack White . Norah Jones and Sheryl Crow. What? Was Kid Rock busy?

And though William’s granddaughter Holly Williams is included where is her brother Hank Williams III? For that matter where is Bocephus?  I would have scratched the last three, who are here for sales purposes only, and added new traditionalists like Wayne Hancock and Joey Allcorn that truly reflect the spirit of ol’ Hank.




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  1. I enjoy your web site and share your fondness for Country et. al. music. But on your latest blog regarding newly discovered Hank songs you express skepticism about Norah Jones covering Hank’s music. If you haven’t listened to a band called the ‘The Little Willies’ check them out; you can also find them on YouTube.

    Carry on


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  3. @Tim – I’ve heard the Little Willies and have no argument with Jone’s love for the music (she is from Dallas after all), my point is that there are others that better represent the spirit of the project. Miranda Lambert and Amanda Shires for instance.

  4. To leave out Hank 3 and Hank Jr. is insane. Wayne Hancock as well. That being said it should have some gems and most likely some duds as well.

  5. Have to check out the recording…James Blair. Same who played hank’s tunes in Newport, Oregon in the 1970s?

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