Scott H. Biram Breaks His Damn Leg!

  • Chris Knight has posted a MySpace bulletin that he and his band will be playing a show to benefit the 8th grade class at Slaughters Elementary in his hometown of Slaughters, Kentucky.The show will take place this Saturday, March 7, 2009 @ Webster County High- 1922 US HWY 41 A South, Dixon, KY 7:00 PM — $20.00 – For tickets call (270) 635-5519 or (270) 871-2507
  • Rachel Brooke has a posted a new demo on her MySpace page entitled City Of Shame. Brook writes that the song will most likely be on her upcoming new album.
  • Our thoughts go out to Texas’ own ‘Dirty Old One Man Band’ Scott H Biram who after his last show in Europe suffered a compound fracture in the leg he uses on the his stomp board during performance. He is currently in a French hospital after surgery to implant yet another titanium rod in his leg (where another already exists due to a run in with a Semi a few years back.) It looks like he will be put on a plane home Saturday and can then heal in the good ole USA where its home but where insurance and reasonably priced medical care aren’t available to musicians. Go help the boy out and but some of his CDs and swag!

One thought on “Scott H. Biram Breaks His Damn Leg!

  1. March 10, 2009 at 9:27 am

    That’s a bummer about Scott H. but it does show you how hard he works at making such a racket. Hopefully in the end it may be a good story to add to his bio.

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