Country Radio Lives!

Just got back from seeing the family in Dallas for the 4th. While tooling around in Mom’s Merc I checked out the local flavor and tuned into Lone Star 92.5, the Clear Channel radio station I previously had posted on. Sure I could stream them online and enjoy the tunes here in Manhattan but it’s not the same as cruising around the rain soaked streets of my youth.

I one sitting I heard The Allman Brothers, Dylan, Reckless Kelly, Johnny Cash, The Drive By Truckers and Todd Snyder. This, in my mind, is heaven.

On the plane home we too AirTran Airlines. They are always good and, from my experience, mostly on time. Most importantly, the servers on board are always nice to my daughter and they get major points for that.

The airline offered XM Radio on board the plane and while my daughter was absorbed in Miyazaki’s superb animation feature Spirited Away, I checked out what XM had to offer. I stayed a while at “Willie’s Place” and was pleased to hear the old school outlaws represented – Merle, Ray, Leftie – legends you don’t hear enough of on commercial radio. I then headed over to X (cross) Country and it sweetened the deal with John Prine, Lucinda Williams and Steve Earle. I was sold. When I get out of the city and buy and truck the very next day I’m getting XM Radio. But when I drive it through Dallas, it’ll take a back seat the Lone Star 92.5.

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  1. Hello,

    Unfortunately, 92.5 is already leaning towards more classic rock (its previous format) with each passing day. While you heard some reckless kelly and todd snider, that is now the exception, rather than the rule it was when it reformatted a couple of months back. Hopefully it doesnt abandon altogether the alt-country genre. They have played both The Drams and Slobberbone, Uncle Tupelo and Wilco/Son Volt, along with Ryan Adams and Whiskeytown. Next time you’re in town or on-line check out 95.3 khyi. It is a good mix of XM’s “Willies Place” and “X-Country”. Its independently owned, so it can get away with that I guess.

  2. Well it is a Clear Channel station. I’m sure they are watching the numbers like a hawk. If there’s one thing I learned form growing up in Dallas it’s that, as a community, there is a tremendous amount of apathy. With the risk taken and the excellent artists being played it would be a shame if the format shifted to the typical classic format again.

  3. Great blog, btw. Lonestar 92.5 also plays Uncle Tupelo, Slobberbone, The Drams, Old 97’s, Son Volt, and Whiskeytown. While it is nice to hear some of my favorite bands on the radio, i have to agree with a previous commenter that since the welcomed format change a few months ago, i do hear more and more of Bob Seger cheese, generic white-boy blues and other played-out unpleasantness available on many other radio stations in DFW. i’ll keep my ears open to see if this trend continues.

  4. If you get the chance, check out Sirius’ Outlaw Country. One of the best investments i have made.

  5. I love your blog.

    I was an xm radio hold out (I’ve got cds, Willie and the Dead loaded heavy on my ipod — why pay for xm?) But, Willie calls in to Bill Mack’s xm Open Road show on Wednesday, and that and Willie’s Place is worth $10.00 a month. I don’t listen as much as I should; I have so many live shows taped and they are my favorite.

    Have I told you lately that I love you(r blog)?

  6. Shucks Linda, your sweet to day so. I’m a Texan in New York and having no car for four years going still gives me the sweats, but ’til I get one I won’t get the XM. Maybe it’ll be a whole new beat by then and I can system internet radio through my truck…a man can dream.

  7. I love XM Cross Country and Willie’s place I hear alot of great music there. Also, Clear Channell is the great satan. i don’t live in Dallas but I am sure they will turn to mindless commercialism again.

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