Twitter trend- #twangthursday

Add to the Twitter hashtag trends of  #followfriday and #musicmonday one that I can really get behind – #twangthursday.

#twangthursday follows these earlier trends of assigning each day of the week a adjective that makes it easy for other twitter users to find and add to a specific discussion. From what I can gather about the newly christened #twangthursday it’s about country, Americana and roots music.

I, like most people, didn’t initially see the value of Twitter. But like a newsreader that initially has nothing in it Twitter only as good as the streams of content you fill it with. If you are a fan of Mexican food cooking and you follow other fans, chefs and magazines that cater to that then what you have is a valuable and constantly updated resource. If all you follow is your friends, well, I hope you have very interesting friends.

So get out there people and let your #twangthursday fly!!