Twitter trend- #twangthursday

Add to the Twitter hashtag trends of  #followfriday and #musicmonday one that I can really get behind – #twangthursday.

#twangthursday follows these earlier trends of assigning each day of the week a adjective that makes it easy for other twitter users to find and add to a specific discussion. From what I can gather about the newly christened #twangthursday it’s about country, Americana and roots music.

I, like most people, didn’t initially see the value of Twitter. But like a newsreader that initially has nothing in it Twitter only as good as the streams of content you fill it with. If you are a fan of Mexican food cooking and you follow other fans, chefs and magazines that cater to that then what you have is a valuable and constantly updated resource. If all you follow is your friends, well, I hope you have very interesting friends.

So get out there people and let your #twangthursday fly!!

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  1. Desperately seeking fans for my friends band. There it is. I literally CRAVE this music and I know others will too. Please check out their myspace page:

    support their new upcoming ep release and just play some of their songs for free. together we can up the click count my friends, from one alternative country music fan to another.
    surrounded by bad pop in nyc- Megan

  2. I always wondered what the big difference is between twitter and a blog? I just think it is how it is marketed. I do use it for our website because of it’s growing popularity. I agree with you that it depends on what you centent is loaded, but thats like everything on the web.

  3. @Megan- Just because this post if about twitter doesn’t mean that a twitter -like post is in order, but cool.. I’ll check them out.

    @John – Yeah it seems sort of self-evident. But working in the web industry so long sometimes the new tools come along and I’m skeptical. I’m not on-board just becuase the cool kids are using it. if I can’t use it to inform myself or inform others within a community I find value in then I have better use for my time. I guess it dawned on me how it augments what I do here in a “ah-ha!” sort of way and I thought i’d share. Oh and let people know the Twang Nation is on twitter!

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