Watch Out! Matthew McNeal – “Doubt” – Cinderblock Sessions [PREMIERE}

Matthew McNeal - "Doubt"

There’s a rough-hewn soulfulness that pours from Ft. Worth-based Matthew McNeal’s song “Doubt.” His apprehension takes the form of a woman that troubles his worried mind as his strummed acoustic and baritone croon tells the tale.

Of the song McNeal says: ” ‘Doubt’ was written years ago when I was getting ready to release a collection of songs called ‘When You’re Down’. I knew nothing of the industry beyond playing shows across north Texas, but I knew that I had to start somewhere. Four years later, the song still rings true as I grow and mature as both an artist and as a man. Though it predates ‘Compadre’, I still see ‘Doubt’ as part of the same story.”

“I think struggling with doubt is something that most people deal with, especially in the ‘coming of age’ portion of life. It’s a blanket feeling that can find its way into just about any thought that crosses your mind. I just recently started bringing it back into our live shows- it’s one of those tunes that can always be relevant no matter what I’m going through. Sharing ‘Doubt’ with everyone years ago and having people tell me how much they related to it really solidified my choice to spend my life pursuing music. Bringing the tune back into our set is really a celebration of how far I’ve come as an artist, and this is only the beginning. ”

The live session video Dallas-based live session channel called Cinderblock Sessions. The video is part of a new series for them called ‘Off the Block’- showcasing artists in unique locations throughout the Dallas , Ft Worth metroplex.

“Doubt” is from McNeal’s 2013 ep ‘When You’re Down.’ Buy it here.

Buy his current release ‘Compadre’ here.

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