Watch Out! Willie Nelson & Billy Joe Shaver: “Hard To Be An Outlaw” – David Letterman 12/17/2014

Willie Nelson & Billy Joe Shaver: "Hard To Be An Outlaw"

It’s good to be David Letterman. Though his last show is set for May 20, 2015 he continues to showcase great music for quality and less commercial reasons. And why not? He’s the reigning late night king. And while it lasts it’s good to be the king.

Texas music legends Willie Nelson and Billy Joe Shaver performed last night. And though Willie’s been on The Late Show numerous times this was Shaver’s Late Show debut. Better late then never.

The pair performed ‘Hard to Be an Outlaw,’ which appears on Shaver’s latest ‘Long in the Tooth,’ which with the shared vocals this performance is drawn from, and Willie’s solo vocal version on his ‘Band of Brothers.’

2 Replies to “Watch Out! Willie Nelson & Billy Joe Shaver: “Hard To Be An Outlaw” – David Letterman 12/17/2014”

  1. Hi guys, a friend sent me the new link on twang nation about joe elys new duet release with Linda ronstadt. I was fortunate to play bass on the track and have also cut about 10 other tracks with joe. I’m a new fan of your site! I’ve just released my debut cd this December with my new band cisco&dewey. Hope you will take a second to check it out. Also I’m wondering how to go about introducing twang nation fans to my new recording. Keep up the cool work. Best, tony marsico

  2. Wow! That last verse sang by Billy Joe Shaver gave me chills. I have to admit I wasn’t a huge Letterman fan but my respect for him just gone up a few notches for allowing them boys to play.

    Great share!

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