Listen Up! Hear An Unreleased Joe Ely and Linda Ronstadt duet “Where is My Love.”

Linda Ronstadt Joe Ely

Joe Ely has alway been a step ahead of the music industry. He’s toured as an opener for the Clash and shared the stage with Elvis Costello. He;s kept Lubbock on the map by teaming up with local musicians Jimmie Dale Gilmore and Butch Hancock in the country/folk trio The Flatlanders. He’s written books, ‘Bonfire of Roadmaps’ and the forthcoming ‘Reverb: An Odyssey.’

Ely also released a ‘B484,’ an album made in the 80’s in his home studio, cutting edge at the time, that later was recreated in a “professional” studio by MCA and released as ‘Hi Res.’

All this scavenging through archives has also led to another treasure.

A recent visit that Ely had with Linda Ronstadt the two artists recalling the session for a 1987 duet for “Where is My Love.”

After a search, the recording was found. Ely and Ronstadt agreed the song held up well over time. Written by West Texas songwriter, Randy Banks, it is a Tejanao-tinged song of lost love and woeful regret that brings Linda Ronstadt back to her ‘Silk Purse’ country-rock era of the early 70’s. Her vocal interchange with Ely carries a soulful reminder of how two fine artists create magic through chemistry and the sheer joy of sharing together in a great country song and, sadly, how much we will miss her voice due to her struggles with Parkinson’s disease.

Hear the magic below/ I will post info on buying when I get it.

Ely is currently at work on a follow-up to 2011’s ‘Satisfied at Last,’

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