Watch Out! Willie Nelson, Bobbie Nelson – ‘Who’ll Buy My Memories’ [VIDEO]

Willie Nelson, Bobbie Nelson - 'Who'll Buy My Memories'

It’s a bumper year for Willie Nelson fans. The best selling ‘Band of Brothers” was released over the summer and as reported earlier, his second album of 2014, December Day, a collection cut with his sister and longtime musical partner Bobbie Nelson will be released next week .

Nelson has just releases a video for an updated version of his song “Who’ll Buy My Memories,” from his 1992 ‘IRS Tapes’ which helped pay of his well-publicized tax debt at the time.

The video is a quiet and intimate look at the Nelson siblings doing what they’ve been doing for over 40 years. Playing in beautiful harmony.

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  1. Love and appreciate your work but I’ve got to say that “who’ll buy my memories” is much older than the IRS tapes. It comes from the great period of Willie songwriting long before “on the road again” ruined his desire to do his best work. (Willie himself would tell you that.) Most of the irs tapes is super stuff from the 60s. The IRS tapes are incredible–revisiting his oldies without any Nashville orchestration. Thanks and keep up the good work!

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