Willie Nelson to Release New Album “December Day” – Due Out In December

Willie Nelson - December Day

Fresh on the heels of his June-released, chart-topping Band of Brothers June, Willie is preparing a new FALL RELEASE.
Collaborating with Sister Bobbie, and performed with his regular band, Willie release an album of original songs “December Day” set for a December release (naturally.)

Willie told Billboard.com he has “about eight or nine originals” including “Back To Earth” and “I’ll Take You Home Again, Kathleen” as well a version of Irving Berlin’s “Alexander’s Ragtime Band.”

“I’ve been waiting to put one out with me and the band for a long time,” Nelson says. “These are songs we’ve been playing for a long time. I really like working with the guys we had for (‘Band of Brothers’) and anyone else I record with, but I really wanted to do something with my band, too.”

The title , “December Day” comes from a song featured on Willie Nelson’s 1971 release “Yesterday’s Wine.”

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  1. Hi … please can you tell me if WILLIE NELSON’s New CD which is out in December 2014 will feature a track called I’LL TAKE YOU HOME AGAIN ‘ KATHLEEN’ as i cant see it on the track list of the cd . If not then why is this as it states it will be .

    Thank you .. Mr Wilson

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