Watch Out! Ryan Adams: “Gimme Something Good” on David Letterman

Ryan Adams: "Gimme Something Good" - David Letterman

Entering his final year as host of the Late Show, it’s hard to imagine anyone taking David Letterman’s place as a mainstream supporter of roots music.

Ryan Adam and his and band The Shining stopped by to treat Dave and the audience with his latest single “Gimme Something Good” from his self-titled 14th studio album.

Once Adams the band were done with a rousing performance, Letterman reverted to fanboy mode — “Come on!”, “What do you want?”, “Oh my God is taht nice! Can you do just a little bit more?” An obliging Adams kicked into the opening chords as the credits rolled.

Can you recall Letterman requesting an encore? I can’t. Damn, I’m going to miss that man and how much he’s supported great music.

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