Watch Out! Star Anna – “For Anyone” [Spark & Shine Records]

Star Anna - "For Anyone"

Seattle-based Star Anna’s fourth record, “Go To Hell,” was made without her band The Laughing Dogs. If the new single”For Anyone” is indicative of the rest of the record it’s a good move. This is bone deep music. the kind that sticks to your soul.

“For Anyone,” (video below) sounds like a song PJ Harvey would write is she’d been reared on Patsy Cline. It brandishes a wicked junk-yard stomp and some of the best singing and lyrics of Annas’ career. And the video makes remembrances of past love kind of like a night-sweats virus.

“For Anyone” can be found on Star Anna’s upcoming Go To Hell (Spark & Shine Records) It’s by co-produced Ty Bailie (keyboards/organ/piano) and features Julian McDonough (drums), Jacques Willis (vibraphones), Will Moore (bass), and Jeff Fielder (guitars)


“Go To Hell” track list:

1. For Anyone
2. Go To Hell
3. Electric Lights
4. Let Me Be
5. Mean Kind of Love
6. Younger Than
7. Power of My Love
8. Everything You Know
9. Come On Up To The House
10. Smoke Signals

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