George Jones’ First Album, ‘The Grand Ole Opry’s New Star,’ to be Re-Issued For The First Time

George Jones' First Album, 'The Grand Ole Opry's New Star,'

In 1956 The Grand Ole Opry invited a young country singer named George Jones to perform on their popular radio show.The 25 year-old Marine Corp veteran was already picking up momentum in his home state of Texas, where he was signed to Starday Records, where a year earlier, his song “Why Baby, Why” had become his first hit. However in his estimation, and many young country performers at the time, an appearance on the Opry was proof you had really hit the big time.

In Jone’s own words, “My success as a country singer, no matter how big it became, would always be limited unless I appeared on the Grand Ole Opry.” When that call from Nashville finally came he drove almost 800 miles from Houston, borrowed a guitar from Jimmy Dickens, and performed one song. His appearance was a success and he was quickly asked to come back and become a member.

Starday Records owners, Jack Starnes and Pappy Daily, knew they had to move quickly if their label was going to keep up with Jones’ newfound popularity. In early 1957 they released George Jones’ first album, Grand Ole Opry’s New Star, which also happened to be Starday’s first LP.

On October 15th this collectable release will be reissued in its entirety for the first time. The first 250 copies of this album will be pressed on Blue Vinyl and come with a bonus reissue of George’s only rockabilly record, an ultra-rare 45 he cut under the name ‘Thumper Jones.’

Pre-order George Jones’ ‘The Grand Ole Opry’s New Star’ here

01. Why Baby Why
02. Seasons Of My Heart
03. It’s OK
04. Let Him Know
05. Play It Cool
06. Hold Everything
07. Boat Of Life
08. You Gotta Be My Baby
09. What Am I Worth
10. Your Heart
11. Ragged But Right
12. Yearning
13. Still Hurtin’
14. Taggin’ Along

Thumper Jones – Rock It

Thumper Jones – How Come It

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  1. About time someone re-released this gem. Thanks for the heads-up. I’ll be adding to my rotation as soon as it’s released.

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