Watch Out! Kendl Winter – “Rosie” [VIDEO EXCLUSIVE]

Kendl Winter

I’ve met very few people as talent and humble as Arkansas-native Kendl Winter. I chatted with her briefly before she performed live before a showing of the metaphysical country-music noir film “My Fool heart. (of which she furnished music for the soundtrack.) she held the audience in silence as her breathy keen and adroit banjo playing filled the old movie theater.

It was a treat that everyone should witness and enjoy.

On her new video for “Rosie,” off her new full-length “It Can Be Done,” Winter hurries across the a rugged terrain as the song perambulates pleasingly around driving drums and ebbing banjo.

One thought on “Watch Out! Kendl Winter – “Rosie” [VIDEO EXCLUSIVE]

  1. Kip R
    January 23, 2018 at 6:35 pm

    Hi Kendel: You played at the Old School House pub in Winthrop WA several years ago. I liked your stuff and bought the Mechanics of hovering flight LP. There was a problem playing it on my AR turntable with a state of art stylus. I’ve never been able to play it. The other day someone said to contact you. Any chance I could get a replacement ??

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