Johnny Cash – The 1950s Live TV Appearances

Johnny Cash Live

This is why the Internet is awesome. Someone on YouTube took the time to compile every TV appearance that Cash made between 1955 and 1959. It says that it;s an “incomplete” collection but who cares. These 16 gems of musical history will satisfy.

Thanks to JohnnyCashfan66 for this.

1955 – Johnny Cash (Backstage in Oklahoma City)
1956 – So Doggone Lonesome (Grand Ole Opry)
1957 – Get Rhythm (Tex Riter’s Ranch Party)
1957 – Give My Love To Rose (Tex Riter’s Ranch Party)
1957 – Home of the Blues (Tex Riter’s Ranch Party)
1957 – I Walk the Line (Tex Riter’s Ranch Party)
1957 – So Doggone Lonesome (Tex Riter’s Ranch Party)
1957 – Next in Line (Tex Riter’s Ranch Party)
1957 – Train of Love (Tex Riter’s Ranch Party)
1958 – Stay All Night & Next In Line (Country Style USA)
1958 – Give My Love to Rose (Country Style USA)
1958 – Home of the Blues & Stay All Night (Country Style USA)
1958 – Ballad of a Teenage Queen (American Bandstand)
1959 – All Over Again (March of Dimes)
1959 – Camptown Races (Bell Telephone Hour)
1959 – Don’t Take Your Guns to Town (Ed Sullivan Show)

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