5 Duos To Feed Your The Civil Wars Jones

By now you heard the bad news that The Civil Wars have cancelled all their upcoming shows and are giving each other some space. What’s a lover of melodic Americana duos with lovely harmonies that have possible ambiguous romantic ties to do?!  Here are 5 alternatives to quell those nerves until the reunion tour is announced.

 Ry Dalee and Evangeline – I don’t don’t much about this Oklahoma duo but I like what I hear!

Caitlin Cary & Thad CockrellBegonias – Sure it was a one-off release from 2005 but these two Americana vets released one of the most gorgeous romantic duo albums ever. It even comes through in this crappy video.

Chapel Hill’s Mandolin Orange are the talented Andrew Marlin and Emily Frantz whose tunes will soothe your soul.

Charleston, SC’s Michael Trent and Cary Ann are Shovels and Rope and are a bit rougher than The Civil Wars fare, but certainly no less talented.

Gillian Welch & David Rawlings are the obvious choice and are the standardbearers for male/female duos in Americana.



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  1. I am loving my darling clementine from great britain. check out their cd “how do you plead”!

  2. Have you heard the Red Dirt Skinners? Quite unbelievable harmonies and even better live. Their album is all over the press at the moment.

  3. This week I had the pleasure of meeting Ry Dalee when he came by my office with his cd. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I have to say I was very pleased. I wish Ry Dalee & Evangeline the best of luck in pursuing their career. I also enjoyed listening to the other artists on this page. Normally, I am not a country fan, but I do enjoy the simplicity of this music. Thank you very much for the opportunity to see the faces that go along with the music!!!

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