Worlds Collide – Taylor Swift with The Civil Wars “Safe & Sound” from The Hunger Games Soundtrack

Though her discography to date isn’t my shot of hooch I do respect Taylor Swift’s work ethic and spirit for her craft. I moved closer to the Taylor camp when I came across her heartfelt cover of Mumford & Sons White Blank Page Cover for the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge. This morning while perusing the Interwebs I came across Swift’s cut for the upcoming The Hunger Games Soundtrack. Safe & Sound has Swift engaging one of her favorite bands, The Civil Wars, to tap into her inner Tori Amos covering what sounds like an outtake from the Civil War’s Grammy nominated Barton Hollow. Yes, that’s a a compliment. With T Bone Burnett producing the track we have full Music City/Americana worlds colliding.

It’ll be interesting to see how the imagined Americana gate-keepers welcome this collaboration from one of their chosen and an outsider trespassing in sacred ground. I wonder if they will heap scorn on this crass, commercial interloper or if they are just saving of of their venom for Linda Chorney.

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  1. I love the song, I hope she goes in this direction in the future. It would be nice if she does a more rootsy/folk sound on her album, instead of getting drawn into pursuing the hip-hop audience or mainstream pop-audience more by doing some collaboration with rappers etc.

  2. Sinn, thanks for commenting. It’s refreshing that someone that is enjoying such mainstream success like Swift chooses a direction that makes no marketing sense but shows a personal direction record better, more sustainable, music.

  3. My friend my friend you just put Tori Amos and Taylor Swift not only in the same sentence but in the same phrase. WOW that might go down as my brain bleach sentence of the year.

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