Merle Haggard Recovering From Operation

  • At the insistence of his family and personal physician, country music legend Merle Haggard had a malignant tumor removed from his lung Monday at Bakersfield Memorial Hospital. Our thoughts are with the Hag and his family and here’s to a speedy recovery.
  • NPR’s All Things Considered has a post on the Waylon and Shooter Jennings collaboration album Waylon Forever which they report “honors the outlaw legacy of Waylon Jennings. Shooter and his band complete the songs with the right combination of Southern rock with a Black Sabbath chaser. Waylon, who loved all kinds of music and even palled around with Metallica, would no doubt approve.”
  • If you’re in the San Francisco area tomorrow night (11/6) head over to Amnesia (853 Valencia St.) for the Hang Jones CD Release Party

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  1. I hope this message gets to merle on time. My name is loretta and i’m writing this letter on behalf of a very dear friend who was diagnosed with cancer just recently, and the doctors gave him 2 months to live. His name is Richard Smith he said merle published one of his songs called “set my chickens free” on one of his albums. well I was told that it was out of my means to get ahold of merle haggard and let him know that T-Dub was dying and I was wasting my time trying. well maybe or mabey not , I don’t know how to get ahold of him , i hope somehow,. this gets to him. but i know i have to try. merle , if you get this in time could you e-mail me or call me @ 209 598 6042 there is a fund raiser in bakersfield on sat.may23 2009 if i could do this for him one last time, I know when he goes, he’ll know that I’ve moved the mountains for him just to hear him sing one last time . with all due respect thank you. loretta

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