Ladies and Gentlemen…Ms. Rachel Brooke

You can keep your Carrie Underwoods, your Taylor Swifts, your Jewels and your Jessica Simpsons…I’ll take a beer and another song by Michigan’s Rachel Brooke.

Rachelle Brooke Covering Hank William’s Old Log Train


8 Replies to “Ladies and Gentlemen…Ms. Rachel Brooke”

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  2. She doesn’t really look quite like a girl, and why does she sound like she’s from the south if she’s from Michigan?????

    Oh, who cares? She sounds good, and it’s interesting.

  3. Chupachu: Like Star Anna (Washington State) and Neko Case (Canada) there are ladies making great music to prove that you don’t have to be brought up in the South to tap into the feeling.

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  5. I heard her album with Lonesome Wyatt from Those Poor Bastards, she is amazing! Reincarnation of Patsy Cline perhaps??

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