The Best of Johnny Cash TV Show 1969-1971 – Starbucks Version

So I’m standing in line at the Starbucks near my work (yes, I do need a day job to supplement by blog) and as I’m  in front of the register making small talk with the lady (making fun of all the “soy-half-caf-dry-upside-down” doofus’) and I see a DVD/CD combo entitled “The Best of the Johnny Cash Show.” Now the cover is different from the one I’ve seen on the notoriously difficult to find version (at least difficult to find in Manhattan, where all the store are sold out. No country music fans in New York? HA!) so I’m a little suspicious, but I’ve had a hard time finding the other version and it was the last one, so I snatched it up with my Grande of the day.

The Starbucks version has only one DVD where the Sony Columbia Legacy has two. So, the Starbucks version omits some pretty tasty bits like Creedence Clearwater Revival playing “Bad Moon Rising” and Waylon Jennings doing “Only Daddy That’ll Walk The Line” and “The Singing Star’s Queen” with Johnny (Waylon’s “Brown Eyed Handsome Man” did make the SB cut.) But the Starbucks version does come with CD containing some performances not found on the original DVD.  Brenda Lee doing “Johnny One Time” and Johnny Cash,  The Carter Family and The Statler Brothers doing “Belshazzar” are some highlights.  Alas, the Starbucks version comes in a cheapo snap-case with no liner notes and I haven’t watched the DVD yet, so i don’t know if there are any interviews or features left out, but if you like me and finding it hard to find the original and want a CD of some of the selections, the Starbucks version is a nice make-due while waiting on the other to arrive in the mail.

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  1. Chip – I watched the Starbucks version and I would suggest to anyone to save their money and get the 2 DVD version. It’s daunting how much Cash did with his short-lived show from the Ryman.

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