I Like the Wreckers, Damn It!

I really didn’t want to like the Wreckers. On paper they’re everything I despise. Cherub-faced pop-singer (and Madonna label mate) hits a career bump and decides country music would be a wise diversion, enlists backup singer lifelong pal (Jessica Harp) to form a group, cut an album and do a cameo on One Tree Hill. ONE TREE FRIKKIN HILL?!But damn if it doesn’t work. For a pop-tart Michelle Branch has some serious singer-songwriter chops behind her, writing her first song at 14 and being single-minded about her career since then. And after several forced listenings I have to confess, I like the Wreckers.

Now Mss. Branch and Harp woo me further by releasing a recently releasing a live CD/DVD (this after one studio CD, but I will hold my tongue how superfluous this is) by recoding it at the Bowery Ballroom where I’ve spent many a beer-soaked evening abiding great music. I haven’t heard the live CD but I plan to, and if I like it I’ll review it.

I know the ladies have decided to go their separate ways, and this causes me to respect them even further for not chasing the easy money (aside from a superfluous live release that is.)

Track Listing:

1. The Good Kind
2. Love Me Like That
3. Way Back Home
4. Damn That Radio
5. Crazy People
6. Cigarettes
7. My Oh My
8. Different Truck
9. Tennessee
10. Lay Me Down
11. Leave The Pieces
12. Stand Still, Look Pretty
13. Rain

The Wreckers “Leave The Pieces (Live)”


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  1. Yeah Yeah, they are hot, and tattoos, those are pretty cool too. But let’s not forget, they are wicked talented! I have been a Michelle Branch from the moment I first heard “Everywhere” on the radio way back in 2001. I agree the “Stand Still, Look Pretty” album was amazing (overall), is the split sad? Yes. But this doesn’t mean that both ladies won’t do amazing things on their own, and who knows, maybe in the future if the time is right, they will get back together and give us an even better album!

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