New York Times Writer Champions Country Music for Insight Into America

Kurt Campbell who’s bio states that he’s  is an expert on Asia and security issues who is now chief executive of the Center for a New American Security and served in the Pentagon in the Clinton administration, in charge of Asia/Pacific issues, and earlier taught at Harvard. Mr. Campbell writes over at that mouthpiece for the Blue Sate agenda, The New York Times, that country music is a  place to gain a”…deeper insights into the soul of America even without leaving the obvious attractions of Blue State life.”

As a person enjoying the educational, cultural, culinary and economic booty of the bluest of states (New York) I agree with Mr. Campbell when he writes:

Yes, even with its love for the vehicular and alcoholic, country western is the best place to start to learn a little something   about what it means to have a family, to struggle making ends meet, to own a gun or a pickup truck, to support our troops     unquestioningly, to enlist in the military and fight our country’s wars and to generally be very proud of what America stands  for — and to profess confusion over just what all this fuss is about when it comes to our foreign policy choices.

But I urge Mr. Campbell to also pick up recent releases from Steve Earle, James McMurtry or Darrell Scott and many others to hear great country and roots music with a clear insights into foreign policy.

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  2. Thanks for the ping back Brody.

    Timmy Mac, right you are…I think you could add Cash, Willie and Merle to that list as well as the new blood.

  3. Hey Baron, just getting around to checking out your site. It’s way cool!!! I hope you remember me. We had a little chat at a table in front of the registration area.
    I’ve had a lot going on since the convention, Joe Estrada has joined my force and is handling my radio promotions. My CDs have been sent out. Hoping you recieved it, and take a listen. Please check out my videos. I have several on my website. Hope to hear back from you!!!!
    Have a wonderful Holiday!!!!! thank you, judy wright : )

  4. Hey Judy. Of course I remember you! I’ll drop you an email when I get that CD. Don’t be a stranger.

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