Band Round-Up: Jason and the Punknecks

Though Jason and the Punknecks aare described by some as punk-country. Gratuitous tattoos and a stage show that gets a bit rowdy the band has more in common with Bill Monroe than the Sex Pistols (though, as I’ve argued before I think the Sex Pistols have more in common with Monroe that 95% of what comes out on Music City.)

This band sounds to like they adhere to tradition without being enslaved by it and tap joyously into the rowdy and hell raising spirit that has been part of road houses and honk- tonks for decades.

The  husband and wife duo of  Jason and Polly Punkneck make the kind of music fit for Carter and Cash, and sure they work their corn-pone shtick a little thick, but there’s no denying the music. They adhere to a sound (and work ethic) as old as the hills and plains and a revel in a hillbilly attitude that Nashville has spent years trying to varnish over.