Watch Out! – Todd Snider “Talking Reality Television Blues” [VIDEO]

Todd Snider channels his inner Christopher Allen Bouchillon with his “Talking Reality Television Blues,” The clever animated video below gives us a history lesson in 20th-century media and its effects on culture.

“Talking Reality Television Blues” is on the upcoming “Cash Cabin Sessions, Vol. 3,” and will be released March 15.

Pre-order here.

Track Listing:
1. Working on a Song
2. Talking Reality Television Blues
3. Like a Force of Nature
4. Just Like Overnight
5. The Blues on Banjo
6. Framed
7. The Ghost of Johnny Cash
8. [Dedication]
9. Cowboy Jack Clement’s Waltz
10. [Explanation]
11. Watering Flowers in the Rain
12. A Timeless Response to Current Events

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