Lost In Vegas’ Reaction Video For Merle Haggard’s ”Big City” Is Greatness

Lost In Vegas' thoughts on Merle Haggard's ''Big City''

Remember The first time you heard a Merl Haggard song? That relaxed yet steady voice. This lyrics.

Relive that moment with the guys over at the Lost In Vegas YouTube channel.

I discovered Lost In Vegas reaction videos when a friend of mine sent me a link to their reaction video to Megadeth’s ‘Holy Wars…The Punishment Due.’ They were so genuine and thoughtful in their verbal and nonverbal reactions to a truly new genre was a ‘delight to behold’ as one comment perfectly put it.

The duo follows a simple and well-worn formula: the show’s two hosts, George and Ryan, play a song that they are somewhat or completely unfamiliar with, and then react to it in real time, occasionally pausing the music to dig deeper or just yell in exclamation. It really is quote something to watch the joy two grown men have at listening to music.

I started to search out more and more of their metal reaction videos. Never disappointed.

Tonight I was riffing across YouTube I came across them not reacting to a another metal classic but working the gritty side of the fence. The guys too up the great Merle Haggard’s ‘Big City.”

Reactions like “That right there…what the hell is that? Pure unadulterated COUNTRY” at hearing the opening pedal steel to observing the timelessness of Merle’ lyrics.

Lost In Vegas aren’t you usual reaction vieson in that they are genuine lovers of music and balance just the right mix of gut-reactions to digging a little deeper to appreciate and find meaning.

Go check up out and subscribe if you dig it.

UPDATE – Also check out their reaction video for Chris Stapleton’s ‘Tennessee Whiskey.’

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