See Jason Isbell Pick Up His Grammy For Americana Song of the Year

Jason and Amanda Isbell

In an effort to bring viewers closer to the experiment the trophies for the 58th Grammys comes with a installed with a tiny, wireless (removable?) camera installed on the stand. Here we see statue cam POV, Jason Isbell taking the algae for his well-deserved Americana Roots Song of the Year win for “24 Frames.”

YiIt’s natural that you can hear a but of nerves as he’s listing his thanks to those that helped get him there, but he gets it done.

The pic above is from singer, songwriter, and Jasons’ wife Amanda Shires Isbell”a Facebook account.

It really says it all doesn’t it?

Isbell picked up a second statue for Best American Album for ‘Something More Than Free.”

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