Listen Up! Chris J. Norwood – “How Am I Gonna Be Your Rock?”

Chris J Norwood

Chris J. Norwood and his wife Carrie are expecting the birth of their first child. But this happy occasion came after a long, hard stretch of fruitless attempts and, after success, a heartbreaking miscarriage.

Now a month away from becoming a father the Dallas area singer/songwriter guitar-slinger, and hired gun for locals like Ronnie Fauss and Cole Risner, has used those experiences and worked it through the healing catharsis of music.

The cut’s breezy delivery belies the frustration, fear and hope that the couple grappled with. Norwood plays acoustic guitar, bass and lovely organ flourishes. Steve McClure soulful pedal steel and Josh Rodgers shuffling beat fit the intimate feel beautifully.

The lyrics give a glimpse of what those were like. Fittingly Carrie joins Chris in recalling their hope against hopelessness that resulted in this lovely song of devotion.

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  1. Frankly speaking, I am hearing about Chris here for the first time but I am glad to know about him. I have listened to the track above, music is worthy and the vocals are more than good. This song feels joyful and relaxing, and the chemistry of the couple is reflected in their work. I hope that Chis and his Wife will continue to work together like this and get more exposure in coming days.

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