Ryan Bingham Announces New Album, ‘Fear and Saturday Night,’ Streams New Song ‘Broken Heart Tattoos’


2015 is shaping up to be another great bounty year for Americana and roots music and singer-songwriter Ryan Bingham has just sweetened the pot.

Bingham’s follow up to 2012’s “Tomorrowland,” and his fifth studio release, entitled “Fear and Saturday Night” will be released on Jan. 20

Bingham described the new album to wsj.com as a more positive effort than “Tomorrowland.” “On this album I find myself back in a more hopeful place and the songs are more stripped down musically,” he told WSJ. “Each album seems to be about whatever I have gone through in my life previous to recording it.”

“Sometimes they’re like scars or tattoos that you have to live with and deal with. You can’t run and hide from them or wash them off,” he explained. “There’s no way to remove them from your soul.”

On the 12-song album has Bingham working with a new band and Jim Scott (Wilco, Tom Petty) as producer.

“Broken Heart Tattoos” is a return to the dusty country-folk that fits Bingham’s gravel delivery like a bill-rider’s glove. the song also retains some of the sonic experimentation Bingham has been ex[poring.

Stream the new song “Broken Heart Tattoos,” below.

“Fear and Saturday Night” track list:

Nobody Knows My Trouble
Broken Heart Tattoos
Top Shelf Drug
Island in the Sky
Adventures of You and Me
Fear and Saturday Night
My Diamond is Too Rough
Snow Falls in June
Hands of Time
Gun Fightiin’ Man

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