Watch Out! Gravel Kings – “Boozgeois Blues” [VIDEO]

Gravel Kings - "Boozgeios Blues"

Fort Pierce, FL.- based Gravel Kings found a fitting and welcome place to film the video for their song “Boozgeois Blues,” the song’s namesake and hometown bar Boozgeois Saloon. The song is a tuneful and rollicking folk-pop gem that both celebrates and bids adieu to the place and folks featured.

From the band: “Most the lyrics for the band’s new album, “Arrows & Maps,” were written in that bar or inspired by events that took place there. On the day the album was released, 9/23/14, the band announced a free surprise show at Boozgeois Saloon. From there Lance Camp of Turtle Junk Films and over 100 friends and fans packed in to the tiny bar for an intimate performance as the band played their new album in it’s entirety.”

The Gravel Kings embrace the essence of folk and rock. In a time where auto-tune and sound effects dominate lead singer Zack Jones and Joey Johnson on banjo / dobro focused on craft and live performance with the Gravel Kings, rounding out with Douglas French on drums and James Dickens on bass.

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  1. WOW….remember the Boozgeois well. Worked at the Old one and the new one….Total Roy’s Liqours and Boozgeois time, 8 years. Remember fondly…

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