Watch Out! Grace Askew – “Cinnamon” [VIDEO]

Grace Askew - Cinnamon

Common sentiment has you believe that TV singing competitions are a cultural wasteland not worth our attention.

Grace Askew is proof that sometimes paying attention pays off.

“The Voice” Season 4 contestant Grace Askew delighted when she did a excellently brash cover of Lee Hazlewood’s “These Boots Are Made for Walkin,'” made famous by Nancy Sinatra

Twangers, ya know I like it greasy. If you give me swampy and greasy at the same time you’ll have a hard time sending me home.

Recorded at the legendary Sun Studio, “Cinnamon” is a woozy slice of what Askew has coined “bluntry” (blues+country, or perhaps stoned country) Labels aside, it’s a greasy, swampy delight made more so by Askew’s marble-mouthed delivery in her native Memphis country grammar.

Shot in an abandoned house , with single-source light saturated clack-and-white, Askew dances as she sings this sexually-charged come-on.

Askew embodies a potent blend of charisma and authenticity that makes her a force to keep your eye on.

“Cinnamon” is from Askew’s debut newest release ‘Scaredy Cat

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