Listen Up! Kathryn Legendre – “Have You Forgotten Me?”

Have You Forgotten Me?  - Kathryn Legendre

Like the garland embroidered shirt on the picture there is a vintage quality to Austin singer/songwriter Kathryn Legendre’s newest cut “Have You Forgotten Me?”

Classic country blends with a contemporary spirit reminiscent of Emmylou Harris or, more recently, Laura Cantrell – with a little Furnace Room Lullaby-era Neko Case darkness thrown in. A welcome throwback sound currently being fueled by the likes of Sturgill Simpson.

Pedal steel and Texas-twang erect a pining testament to beaten, broken hearts that was once a staple of jukeboxes across every honky-tonk in this great land.

Do you taste my lips at the end of your smoke?
When you say my name, is it enough to choke?
Or have you forgotten me?

Damn fine music to drown your sorrows by. I look forward to more.

Stream/purchase the cut “Have You Forgotten Me?” below.

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