Listen Up! Ryan Adams “Gimme Something Good”


The last few years has seen Ryan Adams dabbling in computer music and metal with occasional forays into his singer/songwriter wheelhouse with Easy Tiger and Adams’ last studio album, Ashes & Fire.

Maybe it’s his love affair with Fender amps, but the latest offering from Adam’s takes a page from the Tom Petty bible of hook-laden rock- and-roll.

“Gimme Something Good,” his first release in two years, is a blast at us who wondered if a sober Ryan Adams was a soft Ryan Adams. Guitar stabs swirls of Hammond B3 Organ. this is classic rock made anew – big and bold and content to leave feelings aside for a spell. An acoustic does appear near the end of the track, but it’s added for flavor and doesn’t slow down the charge ahead.

I raise a Bic lighter high to “Gimme Something Good”

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