Watch Out! The Dust Engineers – “Lead [Pb]” [Premier Video]

Dust Enginers

Twang nation is proud to feature the new video by Brooklyn/Queens-based band The Dust Engineers. The stylized, noir-inspired video for their song “Lead [Pb]” captures adeptly the song’s lush atmosphere leading toward either a double cross or sweet comeuppance.

The band’s sound is reminiscent of The Red House Painters, Tarnation or Trinity Session-era Cowboy Junkies. Shimmery strummed and yearning slide electric guitars swirl around lead vocalist Sara M’s soft, siren phrasing. It’s is like a high-noon summer sun dappling through a glass of good bourbon,

When asked about the song’s title principle songwriter Erik Rosenberg replies:
“The atomic symbol “Pb” is included in the song title to clarify that “Lead” describes the heavy metal, especially its weight, its toxicity, and its color. These qualities reflect the main concept of the song: losing your sense of self to to the depths of an unhealthy relationship, a relationship that plagues you but simultaneously defines you.”You can hear that the first lyric is “Lead. Lead on my back I’m sated. Go on go on.”

The song sounds lighter than air, “He” than “Pb,” though when connected to the video it does get pretty heavy.

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