Watch Out! LeAnn Rimes, Rob Thomas feat. Jeff Beck – “Gasoline and Matches” [VIDEO]

LeAnn Rimes, Rob Thomas and Jeff Beck - Gasoline and Matches

If music row is going to cross the tracks to look for great tunes they could do a whole lot worse then Mr. Buddy Miller.

Though best known as a guiding pioneer of the Americana genre , working with or producing for Emmylou Harris, Patty Griffin, Gillian Welch, and David Rawlings, The Devil Makes Three, Richard Thompson and others, Miller – like his partner in crime Jim Lauderdale and co-host for the Sirius Satellite Radio – makes great music with no discernible concern for boundaries.

LeAnn Rimes might have felt this when she included his “Gasoline and Matches” on her latest “Spitfire.”

Originally performed by Buddy and his talented wife Julie, on their 2009 album, Written in Chalk. It was also included on “America’s Got Talent” season five winner Michael Grimm 011 self-titled record. The son was also included as a duet between Miller and Julie Robert’s on her latest “Good Wine & Bad Decisions.”

I’ve always been a fan of Rimes voice if not always her song selection. She sounds like she’s having fun as she belts it out with Matchbox Twenty’s Rob Thomas as they deliver a tight groove. Jeff Beck seems an oddity in his guitar solo, but whatever. He’s a legend.

The stop-motion video was filmed on an iPhone by Ian Padgham

Rimes said of the Padgham. “When we saw Ian’s stop motion work on Vine, the first thing I noticed was this crazy sick sense of humor wrapped around a lot of heart and warmth.”

truth told, the beat-laden club version that plays during the credits I could do without.

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