Hayes Carll Kicks Off Weekly/Monthly Hangouts

hayes Carll Hangout

I imagine Hayes Carll’s welcoming, laid-back style being perfect for hanging out on a Texas afternoon shooting the shit. Until that time Carll’s newly launched Google hangout event is the next best thing.

Conducted it from the Drunken Poet Studios in Austin, TX. the event will be weekly or monthly and is still getting the kinks out. But it’s cool to watch Carll and his crew work out the bugs while picking some tunes.

Carll talks up his upcoming Christmas tour and other upcoming gigs and togas. Takes questions from his Twitter account @HayesCarll . He also introduces the Drunken Poet’s Society fan club, that sounds pretty cool.

He also performs a new unfinished and untitled..er new song #7, song he wrote with Nashville based singer/songwriter Ruston Kelly Also performed is a song called “Magic Kid” hayes wrote with Darrell Scott.

Not sure if the event, like many Google hangouts, will be done as a live feed with audience participation during the live taping. but it’s a pretty cool way to kill a few minutes with a cool guy.


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  1. saw you last week at bush hall london met you after the gig great gig realy enjoyed it next time please try and play manchester thanks alot

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