Listen Up! Tina Refsnes : A Million Things

Tina Refsnes

I love when I come across an artist that approaches the simple source elements of folk and roots music that that causes you to listen in a new way.

Perhaps it’s Tina Refsnes current residence in Oslo, Norway and her prior years in Liverpool, UK, where she ” …played a great deal of gigs, wrote a bunch of songs, drank a lot of tea and traveled great distances by train.” that have resulted in her first single pop-folk, A Million Things being an intricately beautiful gem.

Refsnes’ voice has a Jolie Holland-like delicate, breathy quality that moves in and through a song, She explores subtleties and carves out a vocal space all her own. The song, A Million Things is part part whimsy and part melancholy lament and warning as she recounts the ways dreams can wither.

A Million Things, is now available on iTunes.

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