Kris Kristofferson & Willie Nelson Perform at Bluebird Cafe, During NSAI Ceremony [video]

I wonder is this is the kind of “Old Fart” music that Blake Shelton was referring to?

Two country music icons, and Highwaymen band-mates, made an appearance at one of Nashville songwriters’ hallowed grounds to give and receive respect. Kris Kristofferson & Willie Nelson each were awarded the inaugural Nashville Songwriters Association International Kris Kristofferson lifetime achievement award.

From the speech reported by The Tennessean:

“He’s unlike anybody else, because he is one of the best songwriters who ever wrote in any language. He’s absolutely a unique singer who doesn’t sound like anybody else ever…He’s probably the funniest human being I’ve ever known. Sometimes, I try to envision who God might be, and he always comes out looking like Willie.”

“I’m really proud to be giving you this,” he told Nelson. “I’m embarrassed that my face and my name is on it.”

“We can take that right off,” Nelson replied dryly, as the packed house of friends and admirers laughed. “I thought I was coming here tonight to give you an award, so I had a great speech all lined up. It couldn’t match what you just said.”

Asked if the pair were able to perform together often enough, Nelson replied. “It’s kind of rare, unfortunately, because we enjoy doing it.”

“I never see anybody else…” added Kristofferson. “But every time we get together, it’s amazing.”

This is one of those rare opportunities that remind us that giants still walk the earth. We should take every opportunity to see them when we can and give respect to them until the end of time.

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