Taylor Who? – 5 Female Americana Music Artists

Since the release of her new album Red it’s been all Taylor Swift al the time (like that’s different.) I like what I know about Taylor Swift as a person and her diligence to her work and devotion to her fans. It’s her music that leaves me cold. Slap whatever Music City label you want on it she’s in with Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus for the tween pop market.

I prefer my music for adults, even when being performed by a 20-something. I have no problem with style and spangles  but I want it served with substance.  Here are 5 female artists that fit the bill  that I would counter in any “Taylor is awesome!” discussion.

Your choice not here? Leave yours in the comments.

Lindi Ortega – That voice, those songs, that style. Triple threat!

Amanda Shires – All the above with the added awesomeness of being a Texan.


Lera Lynn – Caught her show in Nashville last September. Amazing!

Lydia Loveless – If you like your music served neat I would recommend Ms. Loveless

Nikki Lane – Also saw Ms. Lane in Nashville. Great show. I hope to hear something new from her soon.







Nikki Lane

7 Replies to “Taylor Who? – 5 Female Americana Music Artists”

  1. Do you really have to start out an article meant to promote your favorite artists by insulting another artist? Do you think that this will somehow attract fans to the artists that you are showcasing?

    You realize that insulting people’s musical tastes makes them less likely to give your favorite music a listen, right? I suggest you learn about the art of persuasion before writing another article like this.

  2. Who’s insulting? I said Swift wasn’t a country artist not that she sucked. Lighten up.

  3. You lumped in her with Miley Cyrus and labeled her music “tween pop”, and then you implied that her music was all “style and sprangles” with no “substance”.

    If your point is that Taylor Swift is not a country artist, you would do better by just saying that and leave it at that.

  4. I LOVE Zoe Muth, although she’s more country/western than Americana. I hadn’t heard of a few of these ladies and I like them a lot though. and not to be a shallow guy but those are some good looking musicians!

  5. Great list….As far as Taylor Swift,she’s overrated..all flash and no substance..The girls on this list(and a whole lot more that aren’t)should be as famous or more famous than Miss Swift or that Miley chick…

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