Ryan Bingham Releases “Heart of Rhythm” Lyric Video

As Ryan Bingham hinted at last week the lyric video for his nearly pop-punk sounding “Heart of Rhythm,” has been released.

Truth be told, it’s disappointing to me to hear Bingham move further way from the moody, dusty country-noir of 2007’s Mescalito.

The single is off Bingham’s fourth studio album Tommorowland. It was made without his longtime band The Dead Horses and features Bingham on all of the electric guitar for the first time. Tommorowland be released 9/18 on his own Axster Bingham Records label.

Bingham will launch a U.S. tour in September.

Let me know what you think off the new song in the comment area.

9 Replies to “Ryan Bingham Releases “Heart of Rhythm” Lyric Video”

  1. I love this! I love everything Bingham does and listen to it all equally, but I’m especially partial to the more rock stuff like this – Mescalito is my favorite album.

  2. To me Ryan peaked with the Dead Horses album and it has been a steady decline since. Except for Junky Star which was a travesty. I’m afraid that I am no longer a fan of Ryan Bingham and will not support him any longer. Jeb and Corby have already left, hopefully Paw Paw will follow suit because this single is crap.

  3. And wow Augustlights you must be a true Bingham fan, going all the way back to his Bread and Water music video. Keep listening to Jamey Johnson and thinking you’re edgy. Leave real music alone and keep pointing out the obvious. Douche.

  4. It’s not tge instrument I’m turned off by, its the pedestrian rock sound.

  5. This is definately disapointing to me, especially if the whole record is in this vein. I loved Mescalito and Roadhouse Sun but didn’t like his most recent offering and this doesn’t sound anything like his early stuff. I’m all for musicians evolving but he has evolved out of my interests. Too bad, he has a great voice for country. This reminded me of Rancid with the raspy voice over punky rock music.

  6. Honestly, didn’t sound that punk to me…but it certainly didn’t sound good to me either. Can’t predict an entire album based on one song but I had been hoping that the success of “Weary Kind” might force/cause/inspire Ryan to focus more on the Americana/country sound, as opposed to the pop-rock sound.

  7. You guys heard ‘As I Do My Dancing’ yet? It has more of a honky tonk sound. but then, I like Heart of Rhythm too. Maybe he just wanted to play something a little different.

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