Dwight Yoakam’s New Album, 3 Pears, Out Sept. 18

It seems too crazy to be true. It was over a year ago that I read about a potential collaboration between Dwight Yoakam and Beck. I thought it was too good to be true and as the months rolled by I thought my hunch was correct. No way Jose.

I’ve never been so glade to be mistaken. The recently announced “3 Pears,” is the result of that creative union and will be be released Sept. 18. It’s also Yoakam’s first studio album of original material since in seven years ‎and his return to Warner Bros. Records.

I read that Yoakam has been working on the 12 songs on the album since 2008 and jokingly describes the process as “reaaall reaaaallllll sloooww.”

Let’s hope it results in a release that’s reaaall reaaaallllll good!

Here’s a little Bakersfield heaven with Dwight joining the Hag on his “Swinging Doors.”


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  1. “3 Pears” is a delight! If you don’t have it yet, hurry out and get one, you’ll be glad you did! Dwight is as AWESOME as ever on this new album. Waterfall is so fun! Heart Like Mine is rockin! There’s not a bad track on the album! In my opinion Dwight is one of the greatest entertainers ever! He doesn’t get the amount of attention he deserves!

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