5 Cool Kris Kristofferson Covers

One of the things about being one of the best songwriters in the world, loads of folks want to cover your work. The other night over at the Twang Nation Jamboree at turntable.fm the DJs holding forth ran with a Kris Kristofferson covers theme and it sounded pretty great. I thought I would try and track some down and post them here.

Bobby Bare croons a smooth version of Come Sundown. Nothing says heartbreak like a huge white tie.


Try and look over the full-on Nashville Sound and syrupy strings and try and concentrate on the awesomeness that is Mr. Ray Price covering For The Good Times.


Sammi Smith made it a hit, bit Johnny and June makes Help Me Make It Through The Night spectacular.


Most people think Janis Joplin was the first to cover Me And Bobby McGee. Those people are wrong. Roger Miller was the first artist to have a hit with the song, hitting No. 12 on the US country chart in 1969.


Yeah it’s not technically covers but the himself is being backed by the Foo Fighters on Sunday Morning Coming Down and doing The Pilgrim, Chapter 33 being backed by Elvis Costello And The Sugarcanes.




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  1. Nice concept and videos and you know I love Turntable.fm! Watch your spelling though… Roger Miller above and others… I’d want you to tell me the same!

  2. My spelling and grammar are my Achilles’ heel. Good thing I get by on my good looks.

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