Video Premier- Emmylou Harris : Goodnight Old World

Goodnight Old World is the first video from Emmylou Harris’ upcoming album Hard Bargain. The video  will be included as a DVD with the Deluxe Edition of album. Harris co-wrote the song with Will Jennings, as a  bittersweet lullaby to her newly born grandchild, contrasting a grown-up’s world-weariness with a baby’s wide-eyed wonder.

Producer Jay Joyce uses same ethereal, gauzy atmosphere that Daniel Lanois used with Harris’ acclaimed 1995 release Wrecking Ball and the technique suits Harris’ voice like a velvet glove. The song is melancholy and hopeful in the same way that old country songs used to be morally ambiguous and almost Gothic in their style.

This is a great glimpse of a highly anticipated album I hope meets this first cuts high standard.


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