Billy Joe Shaver Acquitted of 2007 Shooting

In a case that will go down in Country Music Outlaw history, a Waco, Texas jury has acquitted 70-year-old Texas Country Music Hall of Fame member Billy Joe Shaver of aggravated assault in the shooting of a man outside a Lorena, Texas bar in 2007. the incident came after Shaver had played a show.Willie Nelson and actor Robert Duvall had been at the trial to show their friend moral support.

My favorite parts of  the released testimony were: during cross examination by the prosecuting attorney Shaver was asked if he might have pulled a gun on Billy Coker in the bar’s parking lot because  Coker (who had first allegedly pulled a knife to which Shaver pulled a gun from his truck and famously asked him “Where do you want it?” ) was talking to talking to Shaver’s wife, Wanda, Shaver said “I get more women than a passenger train can haul. I’m not jealous.”  When asked why he didn’t leave the bar without his wife after realizing his argument with Coker was escalating. Shaver replied, “Ma’am, I’m from Texas. If I were chickenshit, I would have left, but I’m not.” Classic.

Texas singer/songwriter wrote a song entitled “Where do you want it?” shortly after the incident.

Lorena, Texas

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