FX New Series – Lawman

I chimed in the chorus of the WTF! when Deadwood was prematurely deep-sixed by HBO in August 2006 and finally lost hope after following the Internet rumors of the back and forth between the HBO brass and the series creator  David Milch. I now believe that Milch did everything he could to save the series, but now it’s all just whiskey under the bridge.

So I was psyched to see a clip the other day for the upcoming FX series Lawman. FX has placed a 13-episode order the original drama series. It was  developed by Graham Yost (Boomtown, Speed) and stars Timothy Olyphant who portrayed the hotheaded sheriff  Seth Bullock on Deadwood.

Lawman is based on the popular Elmore Leonard character “Raylan Givens” featured in his short story Fire in the Hole. Yost, who created and produced the critically acclaimed NBC drama Boomtown, wrote the pilot and will serve as Executive Producer/Writer on the series. Leonard (Cuba Libre, Rum Punch, Get Shorty) will serve as an Executive Producer on the series  The pilot was shot in Pittsburgh and Miami, and series production will take place in Southern California beginning this fall. Lawman will premiere on FX in spring of 2010.

I only hope it’s half the show Deadwood was.


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