Benefit Album for Evan Phillips to Be Released

  • has some good things to say about the new Scott H Biram’s Blooshot Records release Something’s Wrong / Lost Forever.
  • Kelly Dearmore at (no relation) praises the new The Dexateens release Singlewide.
  • A new Magnolia Electric co. album josephine will be released by secretly canadian on july 21st, 2009. Get a free mp3 of the title track over in the Magnolia Electric co.web site. In support the record they’ll head out july 10th on a month long tour crossing the U.S followed by a few weeks of full-band touring in Europe.
  • An benefit album to help Evan Phillips, – the principle songwriter for acclaimed Alaskan rock band The Whipsaws – pay medical costs associated with a debilitating chronic injury he sustained 7 years ago climbing is tentatively scheduled to release in Alaska and online on June 15. The album features acclaimed roots and artists like T, Nile, Matt Hopper, Aaron Lee Tasjan, The Devil Whales, Marty Jones and more all covering Phillips songs. Check the official MySpace site for more information and to listen to cuts from featured artists.

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  1. “The wonder that is Juli Thanki…” Baron, I should be hiring you to be my PR man! Thanks for the link!

  2. What’s with Evan Phillips? Why the benefit album and what for? My name is Freedom and Evan is a GOOD friend of mine. I’d actually say he’s like a brother. We hung out together in Anchorage and wrote and played music together. Someone PLEASE let me know.

    Sincerely, Freedom.
    (907) 347-4337

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